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Initial session involves collecting contact information, health history specifically around the current injury such as how did it occur, when did it happen, prior treatment sought, etc along with doing orthopedic tests and manual palpation which assists in greater understanding of the injury site and modalities to consider in the on-going treatment of the injured site.  Frequency of treatments are based on clear communication between client/therapist on how client is feeling, range of motion, reduction in pain/discomfort, level of enjoyment in doing daily activities, etc.  Client should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to treatment to allow for some reflection on what the on-going goals/objects of the treatment and the progress that has been made from the initial visit and the last visit to this point.

Shorts, training top may be necessary to ensure more effective treatment.  If any work on the gluteal region is required there will need to be further consent signed to ensure client and therapist are protected and properly informed of what will occur during the treatment.


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